Our main Distribution Center is located in Gaspar (Santa Catarina/Brazil). It has 7,500 square meters storage area with 4,200 pallet positions, operating more than 5,000 monthly deliveries with more than 2,500 SKUS.


Forta is part of a business group originated in the foundation of “Industria Condor SA” in the State of Santa Catarina and consolidated as a specialist in mono brand distribution. Currently we are in 7 (seven) companies dedicated to distribution, importation, logistics and retail along more than 65 years of history. The total volume of business with the group participation projected for 2018, is R$ 500 million.

More than 20 years working directly in the automotive aftermarket sector. Along this journey, we have developed market for important brands, such as Shell, Castrol, Texaco, Wynns, Febi, Motul, Launch. Having adopted a mono brand distribution culture, we have developed action strategies together with the industry, always aiming to be the best option to serve the brands we distribute, becoming an efficient extension of our business partner’s service channel.


Our company is located in São Paulo, Gaspar and Blumenau. Carrying out commercial and logistic service with dedicated employees in important States, such as São Paulo, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Goiás. Also counting with a network of sales representatives and distribution partnerships, in the States we do not act directly.

Our Logistics Center is located in Gaspar-SC, with a distinct location 30 km the port complex of Itajaí / Navegantes. We have advanced stock in Guarulhos - SP to fulfill our goal of prompt delivery 24 to 72 hours time order.

As a customization, we break orders by opening the boxes of the manufacturers according to our costumers’ need, making the access to the most diverse mix of products easier. We also consider as one of the pillars of our service, the support and application of point-of-sale material, acting in digital media with our own Marketing / Creation department.


We are qualified as a trading company, to carry out import services, with excellent knowledge in tax legislation optimizing costs and mitigating risks. We are experienced in importing lubricants and equipment mainly Europe and China.

Our competitive edge lies in the vertical solution, import, warehousing, logistics to direct distribution. We operate in a Brazilian State leader in efficiency and with policies focused on the Import / Export sector, in addition to operating near one of the most competitive modal complexes in Brazil, in the Ports of Itajaí, Navegantes and Itapoá.

We can carry out broker services for our partners, allowing a fiscal branch facility.


To be a company with an innovation culture and a leader in best practices, that enables our customers to access the product’s best technologies and global solutions, services and education, aiming the economic sustainability and value creation for all parties involved with our organization (Stakeholders).



Forta became LAUNCH’s Official Importer / Distributor, a leading global company in automotive diagnostic and elevator scanners.


In order to bring innovations to its customers, Forta opened a division dedicated to the preventive maintenance market for automatic transmissions, with a new partnership of FEBI (Bilstein Group). Both divisions began operating in São Paulo with dedicated staff.


The company started distributing Texaco’s lubricants adding the state of Rio Grande do Sul into its agenda.


After a short period as multi brand, 9 years of Shell lubricants distribution and “Big Business” partner's entry, the company BIGFORTA is created expanding itself to the state of Paraná distributing Castrol lubricants.


FORTA COMERCIAL opening, aiming diversifying the distribution activity, focused on Condor products. Starting its activities in the automotive aftermarket segment through the distribution of Shell lubricants to the state of Santa Catarina. As a tribute to his father, its founder Hans Martin Meyer baptizes the new business after the name FORTA.


FORTA brand creation, used by our founder and Emilio Klimmek’s son-in-law, Martin Meyer to support the family during the 2nd World War. With Brazil entering into the war against Germany, all Blumenau’s German citizens were forbidden to travel through roads near the coast. Martin was then stopped practicing profession of commercial representative, having to support his family by bottling and selling, door to door, nankin’s ink under the name FORTA.


The German immigrant Augusto Emílio Klimmek arrives in Santa Catarina. Having only 250 “contos de reis” in his pocket and a suitcase full of dreams, he worked hard until he founded a brush factory in 1929 in São Bento do Sul.